York YK Chiller Motor Repair

York YK Chiller Motor’s Stator with loose fiber wedges. Rubbing on rotor caused by loose fiber wedges. Bearing fluting caused by improper motor shaft grounding. Both issues were found through use of vibration analysis, which is an essential tool in predicting wear in chiller compressors and motors. We recommend taking vibration samples on chillers at […]



York YK Chiller Overhaul Teardown Orlando

Thermetrics technicians disassembling a York Chiller for an overhaul repair in Orlando. The high speed thrust was found out of allowable tolerances during inspection. Teardown to determine the underlying issues was recommended resulting in this repair. Chiller’s bearings were found out of tolerance, impeller nose seal damage, and minor damage to the high speed gear […]



Trane CVHE Chiller Overhaul Rebuild

Thermetrics Technician Albert Deblock rebuilding a 500 ton Trane CVHE Centrifugal Chiller with the assistance of two apprentices in the Central Florida, Orlando area. Chiller overhaul repairs like this require extensive knowledge of compressor design and specifications to reassemble along with rigging and special tools. Thermetrics technicians have performed dozens of overhauls on York, Carrier, […]



August 2014 Newsletter – Insulation Resistance Testing

As included in most predictive maintenance programs, Insulation Resistance Testing is a essential metric in assessing the health of the conductors and motors driving HVAC & Chiller systems. This simple test may save the owner thousands of dollars in untimely repair costs if the test is safely measured, results regularly recorded and trending properly interpreted. […]