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Thermetrics Corporation
313 Aulin Ave. Ste 500
Oviedo, FL 32765

Phone: 407-365-7478
Fax: 407-977-8847

Chiller and HVAC Services

Thermetrics Corporation is a Florida Certified Mechanical Contractor (CMC057220) specializing in commercial and industrial Chillers and HVAC Systems Repair, Testing/Maintenance and Replacement/Installation.

Whether it’s a small retail store A/C unit or a 20,000 Ton chiller / cogeneration plant, we have the experience, skills and tools to meet all of your HVAC needs.


Our Mission

Thermetrics goal is to provide our customers with the best Chiller and HVAC services at a fair price. Some companies promise to 'do the job right'.

We believe there just isn't any other way. We will provide comprehensive solutions, unsurpassed HVAC expertise and most importantly, trusted service.